Transitions Xtractive Brown Lenses

Lens Color: Transitions Xtractive Brown
Choose Non-prescription or Prescription Lenses: Non-prescription
Choose non-polarized or Polarized Lenses: Non-polarized
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Replacement Lenses  Chose from: 1. Non-prescription 2. Prescription Lenses 3. Clear Lenses 4. Transitions 5. Mirrors 6. 21 different Tints Lenses Sold In Pairs

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Clear Lenses Clear Lenses With  Anti-glare Transitions Lenses

Mirrored Tints


Standard (non-mirrored)


Gradient (non-mirrored)


 Bronze  Mirror 

(color #1)

Solid Brown Tint  

(color #2)

Brown Gradient Tint

(color #3)

Black Mirror 

(color #4)


 Solid Gray Tint

 (color #5)

Gray Gradient

(color #6)

Green Mirror  

(color #7)

G-15  Green Tint  

(color #8)

Gradient G-15 Green 

(color #9)

Blue Mirror

(color #10)

Solid Blue Tint  

(color #11)

Gradient Blue Tint  

(color #12)

Chrome Mirror

(color #13)

Solid Purple Tint 

(color #14)

Gradient Purple Tint 

(color #15)

Yellow Mirror  

(color #16)

Solid Purple Tint 

(color #17)

Gradient Yellow Tint


(color #18)


Red Mirror


(color #19)


Solid Red Tint 


(color #21)

Gradient Red Tint 


(color #21)



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