Who is Rxopticians.com/Verteranlab.com?:  We recruit and train inexperienced candidates to work for Warby Parker, Costco, Lenscrafters, Walmart, and hundreds of optometrist across the United states. We sell wholesale optical goods to opticians and optometrist and offer free optical training for people who want to find a job in the optical field as entry level opticians.

What jobs are available now?  Sales reps and entry level opticians throughout the United States.  

What is an optician?.  An optician is a optical tech that can read eyeglass prescriptions and make eyeglass frame recommendations to customers who are interested in purchasing glasses.  

What is an optical sales rep?  An Optical Sales Rep takes optical orders from optometrist and various optical shops  on their route and receives commissions on all goods that are purchased there.  He/she will have a 30-40 optometrist on their  route.  

Is there a cost to train to become an optician?  there is no cost to you, because when you get employed at one of the thousand of optical shops around the United States, you become an ally or business partner with us.  That is, when we establish optical goods account with your new employer, you will also benefit.  

Do I need Experience?  no experience is necessary, as most training is on the job and we will help you prepare and be more knowledgeable when you secure a job. 

Do I need a license to work as an optician?  no, but most optical businesses will provide free training to help you obtain your license, which takes about 3 months to obtain.  

How much does an optician make?  Opticians make $16-$40 per hour.  

How much does a sales rep make?  The amount of money you make depends on how much product optometrist order from you on a daily basis, which can be up to $100,000 a year .  So, the more you are engaged in your route, the more you make.  


If you are interested in becoming an entry level optician, sales rep, or both, click the link below.  


Rxoptician.com/Veteranlab.com  (800)245-2140