If you do not know your Oakley model, that's not a problem:  You have 2 options:  

1.  Process a general Oakley Frame repair order by clicking here---->(general oakley Repair) You will then receive a free prepaid shipping label to mail your sunwear.  We will then custom make your lenses or repair your Oakley frame for  you.  Print your USPS prepaid shipping label with tracking number, affix it onto a small cardboard box and mail it off. 


2. Look on the inside portion of the frame arm (picture below) and get the model number or name.  Once you find the name or set  of numbers on the frame, click here to verify this model--->(click here).  We will process and mail the lenses to you.  Of course, if it's a frame repair, you will be sending the frame to us with the free prepaid shipping label that we provide once you process your order.